The Team

The Wildcomm Team

Gary Castine
Brand/Data Manager

Gary Castine has been an integral part of WildComm since its inception in 2008. His credentials include a laundry list of experience in production, sales, inventory control, manufacturing, operations management, programming, and budgeting for Thompson/Center Arms, Horton Archery and WildComm. Gary has worked closely with Gregg Ritz since 2008 in building WildComm into what it is today. Gary’s current responsibilities include Sales, Data Base Management, Reporting, and keeping the team well informed. He enjoys serving "in the trenches" and working behind the scenes to empower others, and to help WildComm and its partners strengthen their brands and grow their businesses. A native New Englander, Gary has found a love for the Outer Banks of North Carolina and spends as much time there as possible. He enjoys camping and working around his yard at his home in New Hampshire. He has four grandsons and is very supportive of their interest in hunting.