Our Brands

WildComm Brands

At its core, WildComm exists to build dominant brands. When our clients turn to us for brand overhaul, we respond with unrivaled resources, focus, experience and results. The WildComm family of brands is among the most dominant in the outdoor industry. While this success didn't happen overnight, it did come as the result of industry expertise and collective sweat equity. From market analysis, brand recognition and sales initiatives, to social media and Web strategy and packaging and catalog design, we consistently give our clients' brands bold new direction. We set our clients on a clear, proven path to success, we engage the customer, and we make our brands modern, relevant and dynamic.

When manufacturers and personalities want to breathe new life into their brands, they count on us to make it happen. We channel our efforts with focus and passion to turn already solid brands into dominant category leaders. Our team's collective experience, energy, creativity, industry know-how and results-driven track record propels our clients' brands to exciting new heights. Our expertise in Branding, Licensing, Endorsements, Television Representation, Appearances and Marketing Consultation is evident by the success of our brands, which have quickly become leaders in their respective categories. Manufacturers like Thompson/Center Arms dominate the firearms market, while television shows like Michael Waddell's Bone Collector and The Crush with Lee and Tiffany draw more fans than all others.

Engineering the success of a brand is an art where creativity and hard work collide, resulting in category dominance. At WildComm, we live and breath this culture, we enjoy the process, and nothing excites us more than seeing your foot print in the industry grow.