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Whitetail Freaks follows the adventures of a motley crew of hardcore, hard-working whitetail hunters as they spend countless hours in search of mega bucks and memorable hunts with family and friends. Created and hosted by renown whitetail authorities and fan favorite television personalities Don & Kandi Kisky, Whitetail Freaks highlights every aspect of successful whitetail management and top-notch trophy hunting - from food plot planting to hanging treestands to tracking pre-season big buck movement to the selective harvesting of only the biggest, most mature whitetails. A group of dedicated whitetail fanatics capture the true meaning of mega-buck hunting. These hardcore hunters are average, "blue collar Joes” with real jobs and real families – and they all share the same passion: the study, management and harvesting of mature, trophy whitetails.

The Whitetail Freaks measure success by more than just antler length; every ounce of sweat equity they invest in their passion represents another part of the story – another chapter in the Whitetail Freaks saga. There’s always work to be done in the whitetail woods, and the "Freaks” are the first ones in the stand and the last ones out. When they roll up their sleeves and get to work, viewers can expect the most comprehensive, entertaining mix of heart-thumping big buck action and educational wildlife management tips and techniques. In Freak County it’s 100% pure venison, zero fat all the time. Tune in each week as Don & Kandi Kisky along with a crew of other whitetail addicts offer a year long look into what it means to be branded a Whitetail Freak.


Host Bio

Don & Kandi Kisky are two of the most renown hunters and outdoor personalities in the whitetail world. Co-hosts of the hugely popular Whitetail Freaks television show and owners of Kisky Productions, Don and Kandi have over 35 years of combined experience pursuing record-book whitetails across North America. Don and Kandi are without question two of the country’s top whitetail strategists, and their popular shows and DVDs educate and entertain countless whitetail enthusiasts. When they’re not in a treestand, you can find them planting food plots, shed hunting, checking trail cams, logging untold hours behind a spotting scope, and meticulously mapping trophy bucks and their movements. The Kiskys own and operate a successful farming operation in southern Iowa - the heart of whitetail paradise - which gives them a personal connection to the land and the animals they pursue. With a bevy of Boone & Crockett bucks to their credit, including several scoring in the 170s, 180s and 190s - and even a monster that grosses 213” - they have shared their greatest hunts with television audiences and magazine readers for over two decades. Both Don and Kandi are widely recognized and highly respected Pro Staffers for many of the top brands in the business.

The "Freaks" Advantage

  • There are few celebrities that spend the time getting to know a sponsor and what is important to them then Don and Kandi. Communication and over delivering on their engagements is what sets them apart.
  • WTF chronicles the management and hunt strategy of trophy whitetails. Through this journey, sponsors products are highlighted on the show and the edge it gives them to close the chapter on a monster buck.
  • A comprehensive photo library is available to the sponsor, as well as, quotes and testimonials upon request.
  • WildComm works with the sponsor and Don & Kandi on creative ways to integrate their products into the show to develop a soft sell message that resonates with the viewer.


  • "The entire Whitetail Freaks team has been fantastic to work with. Not only do they produce a top-notch show, but they truly understand the value of partnerships. They go well above the call of duty, providing great product integration and delivering added value in social media and beyond. Plus, they are great people to work with."

    ~Rick Wittenbraker

    VP Marketing, Yeti Coolers

  • "Whitetail Freaks showcases people who have a love for whitetail hunting that goes far beyond the word passion. I cannot think of a better partnership as we at Nikon are as dedicated to providing the right products as the Whitetail Freaks are about big whitetails."

    ~Jon Lacorte

    Senior Product Marketing Manager, Nikon USA, Inc.

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