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Lee and Tiffany Lakosky are one of the most recognized husband-wife hunting teams in the outdoor industry - and for good reason. Aside from their engaging personalities and photogenic good looks, they've risen to the top of the trophy whitetail world thanks to their meticulous herd management methods and on-camera charisma. Over the years, they've dispatched many of the industry's biggest, best-looking bucks and other big game, and they've educated and entertained countless fans along the way. Their fan-favorite reality-based TV show, The Crush with Lee and Tiffany - as well as their huge social media presence - has perhaps the biggest following of any outdoor personalities.

When the industry's biggest names take note of the Lakoskys' branding power, Lee and Tiffany turn to WildComm for direction. Our team has focused their branding strategy - and the partnership has reaped incredible rewards. This dynamic young couple headlines scores of trade and consumer shows, endorses many of the biggest brands in the industry and has one of the most commanding outdoor TV presences in North America. From the beginning, we've been right there with Lee and Tiffany, lending critical insight and creating exciting branding opportunities.

TV Representation

Being an outdoor TV star is not always the fun-filled life that many might think. Make no mistake: It's a business, and business brings its fair share of headaches. Luckily, we provide the right medicine. We help Lee and Tiffany wade through the confusing world of sponsor relationships, airtime negotiations, network promotions and all the other necessary details that make a TV show successful. We help plot the right course and concern ourselves with the details of capturing the best time slots to maximize their reach and create head-turning, attention-grabbing campaigns so Lee and Tiffany are free to focus on what they do best … hunt hard, grow big deer, engage viewers and move their sponsors' products off of retail shelves.

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When you work with a couple like Lee and Tiffany, they tend to be an easy sell to potential sponsors. Their passion for the outdoors is contagious, and they offer the "total package" necessary to attract fans and move product at retail. But you have to be careful to form the right partnerships. That's where we come in. We help Lee and Tiffany with license deals that make sense for them, their brand, what they believe in, and what they stand for. If they don't believe a product can help them grow bigger deer or become better hunters, they won't use it let alone put their name on it. By taking the high road and aligning themselves with high-quality, innovative brands, Lee and Tiffany have conquered nearly every product category in the industry.

From hunting industry giants like Bass Pro Shops, Nikon, Mathews, Realtree, Under Armour, Thompson/Center Arms, Bad Boy Buggies, Primos, Hunter Safety System and Carbon Express - to big names outside the industry such as KutMaster Knives - Lee and Tiffany's licensing appeal is huge, and we're proud of our efforts to help them ink the right deals. The number and variety of "Crush Signature Series" items is impressive, and Lee and Tiffany's licensing partners are selling more product than ever.


Endorsements are a critical component of any outdoor personality's business plan. You simply can't brand your image, earn a solid reputation and grow your fan base without endorsing a wide range of high-quality products. Lee and Tiffany are proud to endorse many of the top products and programs in the outdoor world. From conservation groups to Summit Tree Stands, and from Carbon Express arrows to Primos grunt calls, they stand behind a long list of well-respected products and programs that help shape the industry. And we proudly offer the strategic guidance that helps them and their sponsors gain valuable exposure on a national stage that ultimately motivates eager consumers to buy their sponsors’ products.


Outdoor personalities like Lee and Tiffany keep a ridiculously busy schedule. Being a road warrior just comes with the territory. If there's a deer or turkey expo, trade show, hunting clinic, retail event, meet and greet or other attention-grabbing get together, you can bet Lee and Tiffany are headlining it. While this relentless pace can be overwhelming, it's critical for Lee and Tiffany to meet their fans face to face, discuss the gear they use and the hunting destinations they prefer, and share their experiences with people across the country.

We help ensure that their time is well spent at the right events, and that their exposure is maximized for their sake and that of their sponsors. Experience has taught us time and again that a focused appearance schedule translates to a broader fan base, added value to their brand, greater awareness of their sponsors' products and increased consumer demand.