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Crush With Lee and Tiffany is a reality based hunting show displaying what life can be like while hunting with your significant other. Lee and Tiffany Lakosky invite the world into their lives to experience what it is like to have fun (and headaches) while living the lifestyle of an American hunting couple. They show you the good and the not so good while traveling throughout North America chasing critters of all shapes and sizes. Whether they are traveling on Crush bus, or they are hunting back home in Salem, Iowa, viewers are entertained each and every week all year long watching and learning the do’s and don’ts of a fun yet exhausting lifestyle. Lee and Tiffany love the challenges of hunting almost any animal but their true love is chasing whitetails. They plant over 1000 acres of food plots, hang over 100 tree stands, set up numerous blinds and strap over a hundred trail cameras on to trees just to figure out the ways of the whitetail deer. Some will say that Lee and Tiffany are America’s most "entertaining” hunting couple while others will say that they are Americas "favorite” hunting couple. Either way, Crush with Lee and Tiffany will make you laugh, maybe cry, but it will definitely make you wish you were there being a third wheel of this energetic young couple.


Host Bio

"Let them go, let them grow” is a phrase that hunting duo Lee & Tiffany Lakosky from the outdoor/hunting television show, Crush with Lee & Tiffany, have learned to live by! It’s not easy to let a big whitetail walk away, but when you know he has the potential to grow into something that isn’t just big, but is a true awe inspiring monster buck...it takes the sting out a little when you sit back and watch him disappear back into the woods. Lee Lakosky says, "To get a GREAT buck you have to pass on a really GOOD buck. It’s not about the size of a buck’s rack, but rather the age of the deer when it comes to managing your herd.” The Lakosky’s philosophy for managing their land and farms has proven to be a winning one, but it has taken years of blood, sweat, and tears to get them to where they are today.

Lee & Tiffany share their private lives, their hunting hits & misses, and their hearts with the outdoor enthusiasts of the world. In return, the hunting industry as a whole and their ever growing fan base has shown them a lot of love. Tiffany says, "my favorite thing, is to see the next generation come to meet us at an outdoor show. Little boys & girls come through line with their families and these kids are SO excited about hunting...it’s just awesome to see them light up when they tell us about their first buck, turkey, or even a squirrel!! It means so much to me when women and little girls tell me that they never thought they could hunt, and then they see Lee and I on TV having so much fun out there and they think if she can do it, so can I!”

Through all of their success, The Lakosky’s have stayed true to themselves, and to each other. Lee often reflects on how far they’ve come...”I never in a million years thought that we would get the opportunity to do what we do for a living. It truly is a dream come true! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t count our blessings.”After nearly a decade of putting down some of the best looking whitetails in the industry, Lee & Tiffany have proven themselves as the real deal.

The "CRUSH" Advantage

  • Managing and growing giant whitetails is the heart of what Lee & Tiffany do. The lifestyle they live highlights sponsors products that give them the edge in harvesting these trophies.
  • Lee & Tiffany attend multiple consumer events throughout the year in order to build grassroots support for their brand and the sponsors who support them. You cannot miss their bus as they travel from event to event.
  • Crush with Lee & Tiffany reaches more unique viewers then any other hunting show on the Outdoor Channel (2010 Nielsen ratings). Their popularity generates an enormous fan base sponsors can tap into.
  • WildComm works to develop comprehensive marketing programs for sponsors to activate all aspects of The Crush and Lee & Tiffany. These programs include product placement on TV, personal endorsements, appearances and licensing opportunities.


  • "Lee and Tiffany Lakosky CRUSH IT representing our Wildgame and Evolved brands. It is a rare find to have two people so devoted to the outdoors and the proliferation of this thoroughly enjoyable lifestyle. They take their love of hunting and their knowledge of conservation and development of the herd to an all new level. We appreciate working with them. They do an amazing job of driving our brands bearing their CRUSH label, but more than that, they are part of our team when it comes to developing products that work and perform the way each of us want them to!” We are thrilled to work alongside this dynamic duo!"

    ~Matt Busbice

    President, Synergy Outdoors

  • "Mathews is proud to have Lee and Tiffany represent our brand and be ambassadors for the great sport of archery. They carry an uncompromising commitment to quality and excellence in all they do and those values align perfectly with what Mathews is all about. We are honored that Lee and Tiffany shoot Mathews!”

    ~Brad Treu

    Marketing Manager, Mathews Inc.

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For over 15 years, Outdoor Channel has been a pioneer in the industry and it continues to be the innovating leader for quality outdoor entertainment. The combination of thrilling content, original programming, HD simulcasting and a first in class broadband offering means that Outdoor Channel dominates an editorial category that boasts nearly 90 milion enthusiasts who spend around $120 billion a year on outdoor activities.