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Bone Collector


What started as a simple conversation between friends lead to one of the biggest branding success stories the outdoor industry has ever seen. Gregg Ritz and Michael Waddell were shooting at a range in New Hampshire, putting the Thompson/Center Triumph muzzleloader through the paces. Michael was so impressed with the Triumph that he confidently predicted he would "be a Bone Collector” that season, and fill both his freezer and his trophy room thanks to the sweet-shooting new blackpowder beauty. Gregg looked at Michael and they both knew at that moment they had created the foundation of a new business centered on Michael’s popular persona.

The rest, as they say, is history. They envisioned more than just a TV show. They wanted to create a lifestyle and celebrate the culture of the hunter – hence the development of "The Brotherhood” as the fan base for the Bone Collector brand. From there, they crafted the entire Bone Collector business plan, including all elements of endorsement and licensing ... all of this before a single photo taken or show filmed. Michael's input was instrumental in developing all facets of the Bone Collector brand strategy as WildComm was tasked with handling the media, licensing, endorsement and sponsorships responsibilities. His vision for the brand was spot-on, and his passion for seeing it gain momentum was contagious as the Bone Collector brand skyrocketed overnight. A few short years later, the result of our collaboration with Michael is an industry-leading company that has captured nearly every category in the outdoor market.

TV Representation

The world of outdoor TV is an exciting yet complicated medium. When outdoor industry companies and personalities like the Bone Collector crew need direction, they turn to us. Our considerable experience managing airtime negotiations, establishing network promotions and handling sponsor relationships is second to none. We love the task of helping brands like Bone Collector capture the best time slots to maximize their reach, and create head-turning, attention-grabbing promo campaigns – all of which translate to stronger brands, happy sponsors and entertained, engaged viewers.

Michael's charisma and fan-favorite persona open doors to attract sponsors and generate interest from excited fans. The task for WildComm was partnering Michael and the Bone Collector brand with the right sponsors that understood the culture of the Bone Collector strategy while creating consumer awareness, driving demand at retail and moving sponsors' products off of shelves. WildComm handled all aspects of the Bone Collectors' TV representation and provided critical direction to ensure the Bone Collectors' TV presence was every bit as dynamic as their licensing and branding campaigns.

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Roughly five years ago, the now wildly popular Bone Collector brand took shape and the WildComm team was there from the inception lending critical industry expertise and progressive thinking to ensure a comprehensive licensing plan. Our market knowledge and industry expertise were critical to helping the Bone Collector brand extend to a number of key sponsors' product lines … literally everything from muzzleloaders to apparel to seat protectors.

Michael's knack for knowing which companies were a perfect fit for his brand combined with his knowledge and industry know-how, the Bone Collector brand has impacted nearly every category in the outdoor industry and gone on to create one of the strongest licensing campaigns the outdoor industry has ever seen. WildComm offered valuable insight and took the lead on product design and usage for industry giants like Thompson/Center Hoyt, Bushnell, Truglo, Gammo, Scentblocker, Can Cooker and many others. Today, thanks in part to our effort and and guidance, the Bone Collector brand has impacted nearly every category in the outdoor industry.


Celebrity endorsement is a critical extension of the Bone Collectors' branding efforts. We proved our expertise by using the Bone Collectors' celebrity status to create awareness of their sponsors' products, and establish credibility of those products in the minds of consumers. We helped the Bone Collectors set up agreements across various industry channels, allowing them and their sponsors to gain valuable exposure on a national stage.

Michael's celebrity and considerable appeal helped align the Bone Collector brand with a variety of big-name companies, and land several strategic endorsements. From agreements with Budweiser, The Outdoor Channel, The National Wild Turkey Federation and other leading manufacturers and organizations, we helped the Bone Collectors secure key endorsement deals and ultimately motivate eager consumers to buy their sponsors' products - and to embrace the Bone Collector brand and lifestyle.


Whether it's a small town crowd or an arena full of screaming fans, Michael knows how to entertain a crowd. His easy-going, down-home nature makes him a highly sought after name at all sorts of outdoor venues. Under our direction and management, the Bone Collectors hit the road like a rock band on a whirlwind tour. We managed their lineup of on-site appearances at trade shows, retail store openings, media events and other functions. These appearances rallied fans and customers at key events across the country, adding considerable value and exposure to the Bone Collector brand, its sponsors and partners.

From hunting clinics, autograph signing sessions, meet and greets, question-and-answer panels, sit down sessions with engineers to discuss product development, and commercial video and photo shoots, our efforts to help the Bone Collectors get in front of the right crowds at the right time reaped considerable benefits for the Bone Collector brand, its loyal fans and its very satisfied sponsors.