Case Studies



Thompson/Center has long been recognized as America's Master Gunmaker. A longtime leader in single-shot and muzzleloading rifle technologies, the company expanded its product lines in recent years to include an innovative lineup of much-anticipated bolt-action firearms and other cutting-edge products such as handguns. The response from consumers was nothing short of incredible.

T/C called on us to keep the momentum going, and we responded by streamlining the company's marketing and branding efforts. T/C now has one of the most visible, successful campaigns in the outdoor industry, reaching millions of diehard outdoorsmen and women each week through strategic television sponsorships, a healthy social media presence and a bevy of print ads in key consumer and trade magazines. All of these impressions cause quite a buzz - and lead to increased sales, scores of successful hunts and countless satisfied customers.


Innovative rifle designs such as the all-new T/C Dimension - as well as the Venture, Icon, Encore and Omega - have consistently solidified T/C's place as one of the most popular gun makers on the planet. Combined with T/C's always-innovative advertising, marketing and branding campaigns, the company's licensing efforts have propelled the gun guru past the competition. We continue to help T/C dominate the licensing world by offering valuable insight on new product research and development, and by partnering T/C with key outdoor personalities like Jim Shockey and Gregg Ritz among others who attest to the quality, innovation and performance of every T/C model.


T/C's Pro Staff is no doubt a "Who's Who List" of today's top outdoorsmen and women. Leading professional hunters trust T/C for unparalleled quality, craftsmanship and performance. We work hard to ensure the T/C name is represented by the best of the best - hunters of uncompromising ethics and character who firmly believe in the superiority of T/C firearms and accessories, and the authenticity of the T/C lifestyle.

Today, thanks in large part to the Pro-Staff driven branding campaign we helped create for T/C, endorsements from professional hunters like Gregg Ritz, Jim Shockey, Michael Waddell, Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, Don and Kandi Kisky and many, many others, T/C is enjoying a consistent ride in the pole position among the industry's leading gun manufacturers. Such endorsements do wonders for sales figures, and T/C is reaping the rewards of our well-executed endorsement strategies.


Members of T/C's Pro Staff attend every notable outdoor event, preaching a pro-T/C gospel that captivates and converts scores of fans and customers. Pro Staffers with specialties ranging from big game, dangerous game, small game, predator hunting and target shooting educate the public on the quality and performance of T/C products. We specialize in pairing the right personalities with the right events, and ultimately reaching the right crowd of potential T/C customers. It takes a hard-working team to strategize and execute a plan for effective celebrity appearances, and judging by T/C's continued growth and popularity, our plan is working.